Children - Kingdom Kids Zone is a fun, safe and welcoming place for your kids!

Youth - As a member of Team B.I.G., we desire to function as a team and as one ministry and one church because we desire the spirit of excellence to be up all that the youth do.

Ushers- Connect people to God by creating an atmosphere of welcome and order for guests and members.

Music - To spread the Word of God through music experiences.

Drama - Provide a means to communicate the "Gospel Truth".

Men - Identify and personally connect with men, teens and boys.

Audio/Video - A service ministry that spreads the gospel to God's people and to those who don't know the Lord.

Deacons - Seeks to follow the biblical example established by early disciples as Spirit-filled men.

Small Groups - Reaching out to people all over with the love of God.

Center for Christian Education - Training up a new generation of leaders.  Click for details.  Click for a glance.


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