The Deacons' Ministry

Deacon Chairman - Andre Elias

The Deacons' Ministry seeks to follow the biblical example established by the early disciples as Spirit-filled men, chosen and set aside to be servant partners with the Pastor.  Deacons assist the Pastor in all areas of ministry, service, support, and leadership to the family of God, with particular emphasis on communion preparation, baptism, receiving new members and providing ministry to the needy of our church.  The Deacon Ministry consists of men who are appointed by the church or the pastor.  Member services done through the Deacons' Ministry include: Benevolent Committee, Hospitality Committee, and Deacons Pastoral Care Committee.  Deacons must be active in a ministry, attend a teaching ministry and be a regular financial supporter of the church.

Deacon Chairman - Andre Elias

Deacon/Pastoral Care Ministry Chairman - Henry Willis

Hospitality Chairman - Robert Stevenson

Benevolent Chairman - James White, Jr.

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