September 22nd 

Celebration of Senior Saints Day

September 28th 

Clay Shoot


Member Appreciation Month

Pastor Appreciation Month

Fall Carnival

December 31st

90th Anniversary Gala

August 10th

Community Awareness Day


August 17th

90th Anniversary Golf Tournament

September 9th 

Man Up Monday


September 14th 

Working Toward Wellness

ArkLaTex Got Stars

September 16-18

90th Anniversary Revival


the early years in pictures

90th Anniversary Events

7th Pastor – Rev. Murphy L. Hunt – served December 17, 1982 until his death October 11, 2010.

The membership has grown to a roll of over 3000 including 43 Deacons and 79 Sons and Daughters of Thunder. New Ministries include: Director of Mission, Director of Christian Education.

Children Worship, Youth Ministries, Drill Team. Girls and Boys Scouts, Praise Dancers, Puppet

Ministry, Animal Bible Telling Troupe, Audio and Tape Ministry, Homebound Ministry, Hospital

Ministry, Grief Ministry, Prison Ministry, Brotherhood Chorus, New Member Orientation, Women Auxiliary, Laymen League, Elderly Ministry, Social Services, Widow Ministry, and an Athletic  Department. New purchases include: Church Vans, Copier Machine, Public Address System, New Choir Robes, Re- Carpet Sanctuary, and upholstery of Church Pews, just to name a few. 

     1994 – Ground breaking ceremony for our Multi-Purpose Life Center.

     1995 – Summer Day Camp, and Tutoring Program added and Life Center opened.

     1996 – Purchased building and Lots 1-10 adjacent to the Church from Tate Street to Murvon Street.

     1997 - New purchases included: Sound System, New Copier and 50 Choir Robes for the Youth for Christ Choir. Christian Men of Distinction  was organized and the YWA started program to recognize Parents and Grandparents.

     1998 –  Vacation Bible School Carnival was held.

     1999 – Parking lot from Tate to Murvon was paved and the Building adjacent to the Church was both paid off.

     2000 – 4 Ministers were ordained, 5 Deacons were ordained, and 1 Deacon added to the Board.   Golden Girls for Christ Pageant and Youth Door Greeters were organized.

     2001 – An Electric Baby Grand Piano was purchased and Music Equipment for the Youth Ministry.

               – The Elderly Newsletter was introduced.

     2002 – More purchases were made: A 29 Passenger Bus, A 15 Passenger Van, 65 Choir robes, Constructed a garage to house Vehicles, installed Monitors in the Life Center and Church for viewing of services, added additional offices in the Life Center, added capability to record our services on compact discs, renovated the Sanctuary with new carpet.

     2003 – Purchased Projectors and Screens for the Sanctuary, and hosted the Annual Session of The Louisiana Baptist State Convention.

     2004 – Mime Ministry was organized. 3 Deacons added.

     2005 – We purchased the Lots North of the Church on Jewella. 1st Children Bible Camp was held.

              – Housed Hurricane Katrina and Rita Families.

     2006 – Children Mime Ministry was organized.

                – Hosted The Louisiana Baptist State Convention.

     2007 – Embarked on a Building Fund Drive for our new Sanctuary.

               – Laymen sponsored our 1st Back to School Hair Cut Event.       

               – Drama Ministry presented our 1st Dinner Theater.

               – In conjunction with The Highland Center, we participated in Thanksgiving Blessings for our

                  Members and Community.

     2008 – YAM-Young Adult Ministry was organized with Bible Studies each Monday evening. 2 Deacons

                    and 1 Minister was ordained.

                –  God’s Glamorous Girls Teen Conference was held.

                – Housed Victims of Hurricane Gustav.

                – Women of Faith Mother’s Day Luncheon and Junior Red Circle Tea Party.

2009 –   Computer Literacy Class & 1st Summer Technology Lab in collaboration with Southern Univ.

                    Paneh Dance Ministry organized for middle school age girls.

               – Paid off indebtness of $1.285 million for our Multi-Purpose Life Center.

     2010 – Expanded ministries to include The Northwest Louisiana Veterans Home.

                –Sunday School participated in City Wide Paint Your Heart Out for needed Families.

                – Updated church Security Surveillance System.

                – Pastor M. L. Hunt was elected Vice Pres. of Louisiana Baptist State Convention.

                –October 11, Pastor Hunt was called home to be with the Lord.

     2011 – Began our search for our New Pastor.

                – Re-Dedicated the Life Center & re-named it Dr. Murphy L. Hunt Family Life Center.

                   Grand Parent of the month was started, recognition each 4th Sunday. Purchased a 14 Passenger handicap Bus. Held 1st Youth Extravaganza Reunion Musical.

                 – August 27, Election for our new Pastor.

Pastor Theron J. Jackson

Pastor Theron J. Jackson

8th Pastor of Morning Star

8th Pastor – Rev. Theron J. Jackson, October 23, 2011 – Present.

      2012 –  Church continue to grow adding 185 new Members. Order of Worship was revamped.

                –  Resurrection Week Celebration. Sunday Morning radio broadcast began on KMJJ 99.7.

                – 5th Sunday all Women Worship & all Men Worship

                   1 Son & 1 Deacon was added. Renovations were done to Pastor’s offices, men’s restroom, and a Media Room added to handle CD and DVD sales after worship.

               – Held our 1st off site Leaders Retreat and Total Church Conference. We established our Church Mission Statement, and Church Logo.

       2013 –Continued Blessings from God. Purchased properties on Tate Street, Jewella Ave, and Velva Street. Added 9 Deacons and 2 Sons to Preaching Ministry. Additional 250 Members.

                   Contributions are now processed electronically, also electronically check Children in and out of our Children Worship Center. 4th Sunday is now Children Worship Day.

                –  Golf Tournament and All Star Weekend Activities were held. 

      2014 – Implemented Noon Day Bible Study on Wednesday.

–       Demolished building on Tate Street

–       Organized Women on Fire Friday

–       Organized Man Up Mondays


new sanctuary construction

2015  Summer Star Camp Started

2016 Ground Breaking Ceremony for New Sanctuary

2018      Entrance into new Sanctuary –April 29

Gate Keepers Ministry organized

Security Team added , Director of Guest and Member Service, Event Planner, Media Team Coordinator

Under the leadership of Pastor Jackson 12 new deacons

Timothy Graham, Willie Collins, Michael West, Christopher Watts, Rayfield Casey,

Lyndon Johnson, Darren Dixon, Alton Jackson, Jerry Bowman, Dalton George

Rufus Thompson, Mark Cooper


New sons of the house-9


Melvin Bates, Harold Dixon. Kendrick Gollatt, , Raymond Johnson,

Ed Johnson, Victory Gray, Bobby Williams , Kerry Grayson, Randale Scott

One daughter of the house Deloris Lynch





MS First Building.png

The Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church was organized as a Sunday school in the year of 1929.  It was a venture from house to house.  The members of this early organization were Sis. Era Singletary, Sis. Lil Buncom and Rev. Williams Hunter.

Mr. Matthew Still gave a house to the early pioneers for their meetings.  The first pastor called was Re. O. C. Johnny.  Under his administration a revival was held, and three souls were gained, Sis. Odessa Buncom, Sis. Lee Mary Willis and Sis. Ida Mae Singletary Hunter.  After this event the Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church was officially organized with one deacon, Duey Sudds.

Rev. Lonnie Williams was called three deacons were added.  After four years, Rev. Napoleon Cook was called, and three more deacons were added.  With the aid of Rev. Cook and the deacons, a lot was bought for $350.00 and approximately 100 members were added.  Rev. Cook serve and rebuilt d for seven years.  Rev. F. D. Marston was called, under his administration $300.00 was used for building the church and more deacons were added.

  In 1950, Rev. Henry Woodson was called to Pastorage.  In 1953 the church was incorporated, and a Board of Directors was organized.  The Board bough another lot, made a loan for $9000 and rebuilt the church located at 2026 Hollywood.  In 1955, the Sunday school had grown to the point that new classrooms were added at a cost of $3000.

2nd Church.jpg

On July 26, 1968, the church at the Hollywood address was sold to Mr. Stan Louis for the sum of $20,000.  On August 1st, a loan of $70,000 was effected with the Winnfield Life Insurance Company and the Emmanuel Baptist Church was purchased for the sum of $92,000.  During the pastorage of Rev. J. H. Woodson, approximately 500 members were added.


On April 21, 1969, Rev. C. L. Townsel was called to be the Spiritual Overseer.  He was installed May 4, 1969.  Eighteen new deacons were ordained.  In addition, new ministers were added to the ministerial staff.  Some major accomplishments of the membership were:  buying an organ, robes, housing Community Action Programs, paying off indebtedness of the church in 1977, purchasing carper and the other lands for expansion, but most importantly, an addition of 1,192 members to this Christian fellowship.

scan0002 (2).jpg

On December 17, 1982, Rev. Murphy L. Hunt was called as pastor and was installed the 4th Sunday in February 1983.  Under his administration, the church has made many great accomplishments.  Many new ministries and departments have been added and many souls have been saved.  The membership has grown to a roll of over 3000 including 43 deacons and 79 “Sons of Thunder.”  Some of the new ministries include: Director of Mission, Director of Christian Education, Children’s Worship, Youth Ministries, Drill Team, Boys and Girl Scouts, Praise Dancers, Puppet Ministry, Animal Bible Telling Troupe, Audio and Tape Ministry, Homebound Ministry, Hospital Ministry, Grief Ministry, Prison Ministry, Brotherhood Chorus, New Member Orientation, Women’s Auxiliary, Laymen League, Elderly Ministry, Social Services, Widow’s Ministry, and an Athletic Department.  Many additions have been, which include the purchase of vans, copier machines, public address system, new choir robes, re-carpet the sanctuary and upholstery of church pews.

In 1994 the groundbreaking ceremony was held for your Multi-Purpose Life Center, which was dedicated on August 20, 1995.  In 1995, Summer Day Camp and Tutoring Programs were added.  October 1996, we purchased the building and lots adjacent to the church from Tate Street to Murvon Street.

In 1997, a new sound system, new copier and 50 new choir robes for the Youth for Christ Choir were purchased.  The Christian Men of Distinction was organized and YWA instituted a program to recognize parents and grandparents.

In 1998, the first Vacation Bible School Carnival was held.  In 1999, the parking lot from Tate to Murvon was paved.  Two ministers confessed their calling.  In August 1999 the debt for the parking lot and the building adjacent to the church was paid off.  One Missionary was added

In 2000, two more Missionaries were added, four ministers were ordained, one deacon was added to the board, five deacons were ordained, and Pastor Hunt was elected Moderator of the 13th District Association.  The first Golden Girls for Christ pageant was held, and the Youth Door Greeters were organized.

In 2001, a new electric baby grand piano was purchased for the sanctuary and music equipment for the Youth Ministry.  The Elderly Newsletter was introduced in 2001.

In 2002, we added two new ministers, purchased a 29 passenger bus, 15 passenger van, purchased 65 new choir robes, constructed a garage to house our vehicles, installed monitors in the Life Center and Church for viewing church services, added an office in the Life Center, added the capability to record services on Compact Disc, and renovated the sanctuary with new carper.  The Missionary Chronicle newsletter made its debut and we held our first Grandparent’s Day Program.

In 2003, we were the host church for the Annual Session of the Louisiana Baptist State Convention and purchased our projectors and screens for the sanctuary.

In 2004, the Mime Ministry was organized, the Mission Ministry was re-organized, and a new minister was added.  Three new deacons were added in 2005 and the church voted to purchase the lots north of the Church on Jewella.  Our first Children Bible Camp was held.  We were able to offer housing, shelter and food to the victim of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  The first Stars for Christ Pageant was held.

In 2006, we once again hosted the Louisiana State Convention.  Two new ministers have been added.  The Children’s Mime Ministry was added.   Our choir and drama ministry presented our first combined Easter Cantata.  A new Director of Ministries were added, and Ruth Circle and Drill team were re-organized.

In 2007, the Lord has blessed us tremendously.  We embarked on our building fund drive for our new sanctuary.  The Women Auxiliary/Ruth Circle held their first Prayer Breakfast.  The Elderly Ministry sponsored Tea with Grandmothers and Breakfast with Grandfather.  The Laymen sponsored our first Back to School Hair Cut outreach. Over 100 boys received free haircuts.  The Drama Ministry presented our first Dinner Theater.  One new member was added.  We participated in the Thanksgiving Blessings sponsored by the Highland Center for the first time.

In 2008 the Young Adult Ministry was organized.  We joined in collaboration to partner with Southern University as community partner to establish a computer lab.  Two deacons ere ordained, one minister ordained, one minister was added, and two sons confessed their calling to the preaching ministry.  Our first God’s Glamorous Girls Teen Conference was held.  The Young People’s Department was re-organized.  Under the Young People’s Department, we held our first Women of Faith Mother’s Day Out luncheon and Jr. Red Circle Recruitment Tea Party.  Our YAM Monday Bible Study was organized.  We were able to once again offer shelter for evacuees of Hurricane Gustav.

In 2009, we held our first Computer Literacy Classes and our first Summer Technology Lab in collaboration with Southern University.  Up-dated monitors in the church and life center.  Two deacons were added, one minister was ordained, and seven new ministers were added to the preaching ministry.  The Health Awareness ministry held successful health seminars.  Paneh Dance Ministry was organized for middle school age girls.  We were blessed to pay off the debt of 1.285 million for our Life Center.

In 2010, we expanded our Ministries to include the Northwest Louisiana Veterans Home and our Sunday school participated in the City-Wide Paint Your Heart Out for the first time.  We up-dated our church security surveillance system; one new minister was called to the preaching ministry; our first Purity Conference and Ceremony was held for Youth.  Our Pastor was elected Vice President of the Louisiana Baptist Stated Convention.  On October 11, 2010, Pastor Hunt was called home to be with the Lord.

In 2011, began our search for our new leader.  We rededicated our Life Center and re-named it the Dr. Murphy L. Hunt Family Life Center.  The Grandparent of the month was started to recognize grandparents in the church.  The recognition is held the 4th Sunday of each month.  We purchased a 14-passenger handicap bus.  We held our first Youth Extravaganza Reunion Musical on August 27th.  An election was held to call our new pastor.  Rev. Theron J. Jackson is our pastor-elect.

Theron Jackson.jpg

Dr. Theron J. Jackson

Morning Star Baptist Church

On October 23, 2011, Rev. Theron J. Jackson was installed as our pastor.  In 2012, our membership grew by 185 new members. Under Pastor Jackson’s leadership, our order of worship was revamped.  In 2012, our first Resurrection Week Celebration was held, and our Sunday morning radio broadcast began on KMJJ 99.7.  We began our 5th Sunday all Women Worship and our 5th Sunday all Men Worship services.  We started our Wednesday night Bible Study Fellowship.  One son was added to the preaching ministry and one deacon was added.  We established our church mission and vision statements and church logo.  Renovations were done to the pastor’s office, men restroom, and a media room added to handle CD and DVD sales after worship.  We held our first off-site Leaders’ Retreat and Total Church Conference. 


2013 was filled with many blessings from God.  We were blessed to purchase properties on Tate Street, Jewella Avenue and Velva Street.  We added nine deacons and two sons to the preaching ministry.  Our membership has continued to grow adding over 250 members.  We are now able to process contributions electronically, check children in and out of our Children Worship Day.  We held our first Golf Tournament and All-Star Weekend Activities.

April 2018 was another milestone in our church history.  Under the leadership of Pastor Jackson, we moved into our new sanctuary.  A radical change was made, including adding a director of guest services for our church.



We thank God for all the things He has done, and we are looking forward to the future with faith, believing that the best is yet to come.  “For we have come this far by faith.”


The Biblical Prospective of Church Membership

And day by day, continuing steadfastly with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread at home, they took their food with gladness and singleness of heart, praising God, and having favor with all the people.  And the Lord added to them day by day those that were saved.
— Acts 2:47-46

The word “church” came from a Greek term called Ekklesia.  This literally means “a called-out assembly.  In New Testament times, the church was viewed as a group that could be numbered, added to, and identified.  It was a group of people called of from the rest of the world.

Morning Star receive member into membership who profess their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and is Baptized.  A member can transfer from another church congregation of the same denomination or another denomination to join.  Members are also accepted under “watch care.”  This mean that there is a temporary stay in the vicinity of this church and the person will be returning to a home church. Persons seeking membership must agree to be governed as is stated in the church’s By Laws and Constitution. (See Appendix for By-Laws)



And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread and in prayers. (Acts 2:42)

We are called into the church to experience relationships with one another.  This means caring for one another in a multitude of ways – praying for them, bearing their burdens, encouraging them, and loving them.

Accountability and Authority


Obey them that have the rule over you, submit to them: for they watch in behalf of your souls, as they that shall give account; that they may do this with joy, and not with grief: for this were unprofitable for you. (Hebrew 13:17)